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Magic Shows for Children


Today’s children expect sophisticated entertainment that speaks their own language. Acting as a sorcerer's apprentice, the child is always at the center of the action during my performances.

Between marveling at the show and laughing at the action, the children will be spellbound from beginning to end.

Things appear out of nowhere, magically turn into something else, and vanish without a trace.

All my magic performances are tailored to the age of the audience, and I take great care when selecting appropriate magic tricks. Colorful cloths, ropes, balls, and balloons appear during my show—and you might even see a live rabbit!

The indisputable highlight of my performance, however, is raccoon Rocky.
But is he actually a real raccoon? Come and find out!

After the show, I model balloon animals and cartoon characters for the kids to take home.

Duration of program: Magic show from 20 to 40 minutes and balloon modeling for about 60 minutes.

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