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Street Magic Shows


In the age of “stress,” it is particularly challenging for street magicians to inspire passersby to slow down and pause for a moment and to take them into a world of magic.
On the street, only exceptional artists can be true artists.

Street magicians perform before small or large audiences, whatever the situation demands, and without smoke and mirrors. The spectators form a circle; the audience is in direct contact with the artist—a formidable challenge!

Experience the oldest trick in the world: Linking rings. In a magical performance, seven metal rings meld into each other. And have you seen the famous cup trick? Balls disappear and then reappear—as fresh oranges! Enjoy puzzling over how I managed to swallow a balloon in front of your very eyes. Experience the laws of nature being turned upside down. You can take my word for it!

Numerous street performances in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, France, and the US as well as several awards by an expert jury testify to my professional skills as a magician.

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