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I traveled to the USA 35 years ago to work as an adventure tour guide.

My travels have always taken me to magical Las Vegas.

There I attended the shows of all well known magicians and very soon I discovered my love for magic.

Gradually it developed into a hobby.

​After my return to Europe I became a member of the “Magisches Klub Vorarlberg” and currently “ The Magic Lodge ”.

My performances have taken me all over Europe, America, Australia and India.

I was able to inspire countless people worldwide with my magical  performances.


​I am the father of 3 children who when they were young loved to try to figure out dad's magic tricks.

Join us on a journey into the world of magic , illusions and tricky sorcery.

Nothing here is as it seems.

I guarantee you professional magic tailored to your personal event

and an extraordinary performance that will be talked about for a long time after the event.

Let yourself be surprised and experience a show of the impossible.

An experience for both young and old.

I offer the right thing for every type of event and top - class magic at home and abroad either in German or in English.


​No effort is too much trouble for me to achieve the best outcome for you.

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